Work With Us

We know you're out there...

You're talented, driven, and passionate. You're curious and constantly learning. You do what you do because it moves you. You want to work with us!

MicroNeil was founded not only to bring about new technologies and do something good with them, but also to create new kind of workplace where work is not a necessary evil and family is not an unwelcome distraction. We call it the integrated lifestyle. The best people don't do what they do "because they have to"; they do it because that's who they are. Come do it with us!

We are currently looking for folks like you with skills like these (the more flexible you are, the better!):

  • Cross-Platform Software Development - especially C++ and Java.
  • Database applications and administration - especially MySQL.
  • Systems administration and support for desktops and servers.
  • Script development and "glue" - cron, bash, perl, cmd, etc...
  • Internet infrastructures and applications - especially, messaging systems, DNS, and networking.
  • Website development - [X]HTML, CSS, Javascript.
  • Web app development - JSP, PHP, .NET.
  • On-site and remote customer support.
  • Software installation and distribution.

We have a number of flexible part-time opportunities available, and we're often asked to help build teams for larger projects. It is our practice to start new folks on small projects at first and then to grow those relationships over time as opportunities arise.

Send us your resume, give us a call, and let's get started!