Research & Development

We specialize in developing new technologies that solve real-world problems and drive new opportunities. Our approach goes far beyond writing new software or fabricating new hardware. Inventing new solutions also means exploring possibilities, working with people to see they get the most out of the new tools we create, and collaborating on the new opportunities that become visible through that process.

Over the past few decades we've done this many times. Below we've listed some examples of our current work and a few interesting projects from our past. Take a look, then let us know how we can help you.

  • Non-Sents lightweight secure messaging with evaporating cryptographic keys
  • Real-time analysis and instrumentation for decision support and quality control
  • Message Sniffer email security scanner using integrated machine/human learning
  • Distributed production scheduling system for time sensitive batch processing tasks
  • Fully automated multi-test tuning engine for optimizing spam filter accuracy
  • Adaptive inventory control system for vertically integrated textiles manufacturing
  • Remote video and photogrammetry systems for use in custom manufacturing
  • Adaptive production control system for full-custom sewing work room
  • Adaptive full-custom order pricing engine based on production simulations
  • Adaptive point of sale engine supporting conventional SKU'd and full custom orders
  • High performance computing for remote deployments in harsh environments
  • Mangler stream encryption engine for secure storage and communications
  • High speed script interpreter for interactive applications on embedded systems
  • BugsAuto self directed, fault tolerant, distributed parallel processing platform