Code Dweller

Over the decades we've created a lot of software and learned a lot of lessons along the way. One of the most important was that those lessons gain value when they are widely shared. Not only does this make for better software (and decisions in general), but it also helps to refine, clarify, and extend a culture of good design, and good in general.

Getting these hard won lessons out of one person's head and into the culture of the team is what we call building intellectual equity. It's part of our m2b (minimum two brains) approach and it allows us to continually inspect and improve what we are doing. As part of that process, we have built a number of reusable software libraries that help us work together to quickly develop robust cross platform applications.

Since a good portion of the software we write is open source software, we've begun publishing some of our libraries and documentation so that they are available to everyone. We think this is good for a lot of reasons:

  • Publishing them on Code Dweller makes them easy to find and use -- for ourselves and others!
  • Potential software development customers can gain some insight to the quality of our work.
  • Consultants and new/potential team members can quickly see examples of what we expect in their work.
  • We might just help somebody find the solution they're looking for and do something positive along the way.

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