ARM Research Labs, LLC

ARM Research Labs, LLC (ARM) is a privately funded research and development group created to push forward the boundaries of computing and communications technologies and develop powerful, real-world solutions derived from first hand experience and advanced technologies.

ARM's flagship anti-spam software, Message Sniffer, was invented right here at MicroNeil and MicroNeil continues to be a proud partner in the ongoing development of Message Sniffer and ARM Research Labs, LLC.

The MicroNeil team provides a wide range of support and development services for ARM Research Labs including:

  • Ongoing cross-platform software development and support for the Message Sniffer engine (c++), SNF/SYNC server technologies (c++), machine learning systems and support utilities (java), real-time multi-user rulebase management, decision support, instrumentation and reporting facilities (JSP, XML, XSL, [X]HTML, CSS).
  • Process [re]engineering, analysis, quality control, and refinement.
  • Advanced pattern, behavior, and trends analysis.
  • Ongoing technical systems training and support.
  • Hosting & infrastructure services.
  • Pre and Post Sales engineering support.
  • Customer support services.
  • Order processing services.

To learn more about ARM Research Labs or Message Sniffer, please visit the site