Latest News

2011-10-10 NonSents deployed in ARM Research Lab Forms!

NonSents is a technology created by MicroNeil for secure, efficient handling of sensitive information. The sensitive data is encrypted end-to-end and appears as an attachment with a separate key and password. After a period of time the key "evaporates" and the data cannot be decrypted making it safe permanently. Since the data is never stored in plain-text and the keys expired after a short time, the data remains secure even if the devices containing the data are stolen or hacked.

2011-08-04 Maniacal MediaWorks Website Launched!

The website for Maniacal MediaWorks has launched: Maniacal MediaWorks provides a wide range of audio and visual services, recording, mixing, mastering, videography, photography, and consulting.

2011-04-01 New MicroNeil Website Launched!

The new website for MicroNeil was launched. We have also updated the portfolio section, as well as took our most popular services and turned them into package deals.

2011-03-15 ARM Research Rulebase Complier Infrastructure Ported

Completed porting ARM Research's Message Sniffer rulebase compiler infrastructure to a newer hardware & OS (RedHat) environment for improved performance and supportability. This involved refactoring, testing, and migrating multiple critical subsystems without introducing any noticeable down-time or other disruptions. Several MySQL & Java based components were also highly optimized during the change over to the new environments. The combination of newer hardware and software optimizations have resulted in a significant gain in performance coupled with a reduction in costs and complexity.

2011-03-04 Silk Supply Co. Portfolio Overhaul Completed

Completed overhaul of Portfolio and slide-show section of Silk Supply Co. website. This involved creating an additional portfolio and updating / editing / revising included photos to include their most current work. Also, updated SEO profile throughout the site.

2011-02-25 Ubuntu Based Information Kiosks Installed for Silk Supply Co.

Completed design and installation of two in-store informational kiosks (Ubuntu based) for Silk Supply Co. These kiosks will be used for in-store display of new framing and artwork offerings as well as additional visibility of window treatment styles, current home fashion trends and recent high-profile design projects.

2011-01-01 SVN Infrastructure Migrated

Migrated our SVN infrastructure to dedicated virtual servers for improved security, efficiency, and availability. Specific project groups will now be hosted on their own dedicated servers. These simplified, dedicated configurations allow individual project facilities to be isolated and secured easily since data is always isolated to a single project group and only one simplified software set is required for each. This methodology would be virtually impossible using dedicated physical equipment due to the costs and complexity.

2010-10-01 Refactored Hosting Infrastructure

Refactored our hosting infrastructure to leverage several virtual hosting facilities with unique characteristics and geographies. With the addition of these new facilities our conventional hosting options such as co-location and remotely managed premise equipment, we can now provide a wide array of virtual hosting options for customer projects and internal R&D alike. This allows us to match hosting environments precisely with the requirements for each project's requirements.

2010-06-22 Website Launched!

The website for was launched: We have also updated the generator for the list so that the TXT records include a link to the list descriptor at and the IP address in [square brackets].

2010-05-01 Updated ARM Research's SYNC Server

Completed modifications and additions to ARM Research's SYNC server software components to provide a near-real-time IP reputation analysis for use in producing DNSBL data for wider distribution. This software, written in C++, is built to strict performance, security, and availability requirements in order to be able to keep up with a large and growing network of Message Sniffer anti-spam nodes in a hostile environment.

2010-02-01 VMLab Setup

Installed a new VMWare based "VMLab" to support our software testing and development operations. Using this new ESXi based equipment we can quickly configure multiple build and test environments for our software projects as needed. This will also allow us to script complex multi-environment build and test procedures so that new revisions can be efficiently tested on all platforms before release. In addition to these capabilities we will be able to use the VMLab to test unusual software failure scenarios; and to develop and explore virtual computing scenarios for our customers.