Privacy Policy

MicroNeil Research considers all information to be secret and therefore not open to disclosure by default. Therefore, we will never disclose your personal information to any party for any reason without your explicit approval or as required for normal operations (stated below). We expect the same consideration from you.

When we will disclose your information:

  • Operations - We may disclose your information to third parties on a need-to-know basis as required to perform operations that you have authorized. For example, when installing communications circuits or working with subcontractors and vendors on your behalf.
  • Investigations - We may disclose your information in order to assist law enforcement in the course of an investigation. For example, when prosecuting credit card fraud, investigating network abuse, or other illegal activities.

How we will use your information:

  • Improvements - We may use information we gather while working with you to improve our products and services, or even to create new products and technologies. This includes the possibility that we might record and/or transcribe our conversations and correspondence to improve the quality of our communications or for training purposes.
  • Analysis - We may use information we gather while working with you as source data for statistical or other analyses. Occasionally the results of these analyses might become part of research products that we produce for external use, however the details of the source data will remain protected unless we have your explicit permission to disclose that information.