Our Story

MicroNeil Research Corporation grew out of a passion for exploration, a burning desire to better our world, and a penchant for invention and creativity. Together with like minded friends we work every day to reach into the universe with our imaginations, create new tools, gain new knowledge, and put those things to good use.

For several decades now (since the 1980s) we have created, applied, and manged new technologies at all levels of the enterprise. Our skills are not purely technical however. In addition to writing great software and building reliable, high-performance systems, we have also collaborated with people from the shop floor to the board room, designed new processes, improved work-flows, built and managed new teams for special projects, and provided consulting, research, training, and decision support services to make it all work.

MicroNeil is a technology incubator: a launch pad for great ideas, products, and services. We are a catalyst for positive change and accelerated success. We are a fresh set of eyes and a source for new ideas with the knowledge to make them work and the skills to build all the parts.

Our business model is simple: Provide a competitive advantage through enlightened, sustainable innovation. Make good things happen and change the world.

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